You Don’t Have To Be Fit To Fight

Many women who call asking about taking my basic self-defense class want to know one thing before they hear anything about the program. They want to know if they need to be an athlete – strong, flexible, quick, etc., in order to successfully complete the course. A lot of women hesitantly reveal that they are somewhat overweight, or that they can’t get down on the floor and roll around doing self defense techniques. They’ve seen MMA or Brazilian JiuJitsu on TV and that’s the last thing they want– rolling around on the floor with sweaty guys… Ewwwwww. Of course there’s nothing wrong with MMA/BJJ; it’s simply not my cup of tea and from conversations with women looking for a self defense program, that’s about the last thing in the world they would want to do.

“No” is the answer to all of the concerns about fitness. You don’t have to be strong, athletic, fit, flexible or to roll around on the floor with sweaty men! What you do have to have is a willingness to learn and a can-do attitude. I have seen the sweetest cutest little girls- who look like they couldn’t hurt a fly, turn into fighting machines that refuse to give up. Now, you understand that’s not going to happen in one two hour course– but a brief training period is all you need to start your journey to becoming dangerous! Our system is real world self-defense because it takes just one well-placed technique to overcoming an assailant– if you do it with speed accuracy and power. You just have to know how and where to hit kick or strike. I’ve never had to turn anyone away because of weight, lack of flexibility, strength or any physical attributes or the lack there of. Anybody can do this. Not only CAN you do it, you absolutely should do this for your family but especially for yourself. It’s the best 2 hour investment in yourself you will do all year!