How Just One Self Defense Class Can Change Your Life

If you think a two hour self-defense class is not very much – you are exactly right! That’s why I offer an intensive follow up where participants get to practice the defensive techniques repetitively until it becomes fast, accurate and automatic. The repetition is necessary to cement the techniques into the brain– and the body. You know the stuff so well you don’t have to think, and your body just goes on autopilot (muscle memory) and the bad guy is goin’ down. However, even two hours can make a difference in someone’s life.

I had a woman who requested a Self Defense party at her home. Not unusual– I’d had many before and since. What was unusual that’s the reason she wanted it at her house. She tearfully and timidly explained that she was totally being stalked by an ex boyfriend. She was so terrified of him that she couldn’t even bring herself to step outside on her front porch. After the two hour class, I could see that she felt a great deal more confident. I really never expected to see or hear from her again.

But I was surprised when she called me six months later to tell me everything I taught her was right. She went on to admit that she was walking and texting in a parking garage when she was attacked from behind. Obviously one thing you don’t want to do in a parking garage is walk and text at the same time! But she use the technique we taught in the self-defense class and successfully escaped unharmed. So she explained “I did what you told me not to do (walk & text) and I got in trouble. And I did what you told me to do(The self-defense technique) and I got out of trouble.” She was so very grateful and it really made me fee good to know that she had learned enough and retained enough to make to make the techniques successful and get away intact.

Hey! This Self Defense stuff really works!