What Action Self Defense Offers

Top-Rated Martial Arts In Plano

Women’s Self Defense

Self defense classes in Plano to teach women how to be safe including our amazing BASIC and INTENSIVES as well as University Safety, Self Defense for young girls, middle, and high school girls.

Self Defense For Groups

Includes Corporate Team Building to promote bonding as well as safety, Travel Self Defense, Bully Prevention with Conviction, Mom or Dad/ Daughter groups and even Self Defense Parties!

Bully Prevention with Conviction

Almost everyone has been bullied (or been a bully) at one time or another. Both the bully and the bullied need to understand how to stop the bullying from happening. Our program can help attain the skills that are needed in order to be successful.

University Safety Program

1 in 4 female college students will experience sexual assault during their college years! Our UNIVERSITY SAFETY 101 Course will give your college bound student (girls and boys) the tools they need to be smart and stay safe!

Corporate Self Defense Classes

Our Corporate Self-Defense classes are a great hit with corporate groups – especially in June during national employee safety month. We’ll provide you with an important and informative yet fun activity for your staff that will leave your group feeling much more safe, confident and empowered. And they’ll have a great time while doing some serious team building as well.

1-on-1 Private Lessons

Get private or semi-private individual martial arts lessons for specialty situations (stalking situations, agoraphobia, etc.). We provide that extra something for those who want to “kick” their confidence and ability to the next level, and become more proficient with techniques. 

Self Defense Parties

Held at your location or in our beautiful martial arts facility, our Women’s Self-Defense parties are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to protect yourself, all while having a blast with your friends. Contact Action Self Defense in Plano today to tailor a unique self-defense party that promises a memorable and empowering experience for you and your friends.

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