Predators are Cowards

If bad guys had any confidence at all, they wouldn’t pick on smaller, weaker targets – they would. pick on someone their own size. That’s why it’s important for you to fight back. Cowards want easy targets. Someone they can overpower with very little if any effort. When they goof up – that is they selected target who is willing to fight back – most times they rather quit and find someone more compliant.

In the old days of teaching self defense, the theory in the case of sexual assault was that if you comply then they wont hurt you. That never really made sense to me– uhhh, getting raped sounds like getting hurt to me. So I’m glad the thinking has changed. If someone is attempting to sexually assault you, you will need to make it a very very bad day for them!

When I taught kids in my karate school about stranger danger, I would always tell them to be OBNOXIOUS!! Believe me, they all knew exactly what that meant and most of them were already pretty good at it without much instruction. Being obnoxious in a sexual assault attempt means fighting back as hard and fast and mean as you can.

There’s also attempted robbery or assault– those guys are the same– they just want an easy target. In the case of a robbery however, nothing is worth your life. If they want your money, jewelry, your car, whatever it is, its not worth your life. Whatever they want give it to them– and then run! If they already have what they want, there will be no reason for them to come after you. The only thing you fight for is you or your loved ones. And then plan on fighting hard, fast, and with deadly accuracy. That’s what you’ll learn in all our self defense classes.

So if some jerk screws up and select you to prey on, make him understand he picked the wroooong target! Make him sorry he ever dared to try you and don’t stop until he hits the ground or runs away screaming.

Diane Reeve Kirby is an 8th degree Black Belt with over 35 years of martial arts training. She was the sole owner of a karate school in Plano for 27 years. Her current focus is building confidence and safety for women and girls. Her motto is – Find Your Fierce!