Four Ways to Improve Awareness and Prevention

Here’s the four certain”T’s”.

That means you have absolute “certainTy” you are protecting yourself.

1 – Trust Your Instincts

Ever hear anybody say they just had a gut feeling? Or have someone tell you to “just go with your gut”? There’s a very good reason for that– because its our sixth sense telling us that something is not quite right and to get out of there!

2 – Be a Tough Target

Most bad guys are cowards. Why else wouldn’t they pick on someone their own size? They want an easy target– someone who wont fight back. That’s why it’s important to look like you WILL fight back. Keep your shoulders square, walk with a purpose, and look people in the eye.

Many people think it’s important not to look someone in the eye as they pass by. I’ve had people in my class tell me that they believe that it might be considered an invitation to be friendly or approachable. But a steely eyed look is not going to say “I’m approachable”. It’s going to say–“I’m a badass– stay away”!

3 – Think Ahead

Think ahead is another way of saying have a plan(it just starts with a T and helps with the memory trick of the “certainTy”s.) Having a plan means knowing where you are, where you are going, and where the safe and unsafe spots are along the way. A safe spot is where there’s people. An unsafe spot is where there’s not people. Plus, having a plan means knowing when to turn back and where the places that bad guys could hide are.

4 – Take Action!

I actually learned this one from Plano PD. (Thanks, Officer Bianez!) Plano is actually the fourth safest city of its size in the US. Officer Bianez advises that if something doesn’t feel right, call the non emergency PPD line and they’ll do a little drive by to check things out. But taking action can mean doing a number of other things as well.

Crossing to the other side or the street, heading to the park or a store where there are people, or using an app on your phone that alerts selected contacts if you don’t reach your destination on time. So take action! (Why do you think we call it ACTION self-defense!)

Diane Reeve Kirby is an 8th degree Black Belt with over 35 years of martial arts training. She was the sole owner of a karate school in Plano for 27 years. Her current focus is building confidence and safety for women and girls. Her motto is – Find Your Fierce!

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