Four Rules For Dating – #3

Never leave a safe place for an unsafe place

What’s the difference in a safe place versus an unsafe place?

Many of the participants in my classes say that home is a safe place. And that’s true most of the time. However, if someone is trying to break into your home or actually does break in, then it’s not a safe place. Especially if you are alone. The difference between a safe place and an unsafe place is one simple thing – people. I have to tell you that there is one exception to this rule and that’s in the case of an active shooter. In the case of an active shooter there is no safe place. There are things that you can do but people do not make the place safer from an active shooter. In fact people make things more dangerous when there’s an active shooter. But we’ll get into that later.

So for our discussion today, a safe place is anywhere there are people. Regarding assaults on individuals, very rarely do injuries or harm come to an individual when there’s people around. Typically unless there’s a fight of some sort no one randomly gets assaulted in a crowd. And for the most part, unless it’s a pickpocket, no one typically gets robbed in a crowd either. Bad guys don’t want to take a chance on being seen by anyone – or have a target receiving help from anyone. They want to get in and get out without being seen or heard and without any sort of outside assistance for the victim.

In dating and relationships, there eventually will come a time when a couple may want to be alone together. And that’s OK as long as trust has been established. But early in the relationship trust cannot and must not be established. It takes a while to get to know somebody and some predators are very clever and patient and sucking people in to get them to trust them. So unless you have been around someone long enough to fully trust them, its important to never leave a safe place to go to an unsafe place.