Women’s Self Defense

The Best Women’s Self Defense in Plano
Women’s Self Defense In Plano, Texas

Women’s Self Defense

Awareness, prevention, de-escalation, active shooter, and simple defense techniques that REALLY WORK
If you are a woman in today’s world you have probably wondered “What would I do if…”
  • I’m at home alone and someone breaks in
  • I’m jogging and someone pulls me to the ground
  • I’m in a parking lot and a guy pulls a gun

If these or other frightening scenarios have ever crossed your mind, you probably became concerned – but you may have tried to convince yourself that the “odds are slim” or you are “just being silly”.

Well, it’s time to put those fears and worries to rest once and for all! You don’t have to know Krav Maga, BJJ or MMA to be effective in defending yourself. Our proven Texas brand style predates all the above by 10, 20, 30 or more years. All you need is a few simple techniques that will allow you to either readily escape or to disable the attacker to make your escape possible.

Our 2 hour Women’s Self Defense Program does just that. If our regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon classes don’t work for your schedule, just find 4 or more friends/family and have a Party at a time, date and place that you choose. Held at your home or our martial arts school in Plano with a group of your friends and/or family members, our Self-defense “parties” are not only enlightening and empowering, they are actually fun!

In a couple of hours, you will learn:
  • Awareness and Prevention (90% of self-defense is not being chosen as a target).
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Escape techniques to free you from the grasp of a predator
  • Sexual Assault Defense – plus how to spot red flags of a potential abuser in an acquaintance or relationship.
  • Destroy techniques that quickly and effectively disable an attacker – even one who is bigger and stronger
  • Active Shooter

Let 9th Degree Black Belt Diane Reeve Kirby show you how to be confident, prepared and empowered for the rest of your life in an environment that promotes validation and fun!

It costs less than you’d pay for a nice pair of heels- or training shoes. And unlike a pair of shoes, this knowledge will be at your fingertips any time or place you need it. You’re even less likely to need it once you take the course. You have health insurance, car insurance and maybe even life insurance. Now get safety insurance and feel really protected for the rest of your life!

We also offer monthly women’s self defense classes at our martial arts school in Plano.

University Safety 101

1 in 4 female college students will experience sexual assault during their college years!

Our UNIVERSITY SAFETY 101 Course will give your college bound student (girls and boys) the tools they need to be smart and stay safe!

Includes everything in the women’s self-defense class plus campus safety, dorm safety, travel safety, DFSA, and relationship tips plus personal property protection


PLUS, review of the 5 Certain T’s, Prevention, De-escalation, Escapes and destroy techniques to assure faster response time and effectiveness.

If our regularly scheduled classes don’t work for you, we can do the class at your location (minimum 5 participants) anywhere in North Texas.

Action Self Defense Intensives

Designed to ramp up your reaction time and ingrain the techniques so they become reflexive. We’ll also throw in a couple of extra cool techniques!

Our follow up martial arts classes are designed to help you become proficient in the defense techniques. What we teach is simple and effective. And additional practice will help cement the knowledge so your response is so ingrained that you don’t forget! You are able to react with speed accuracy and power!

Plus you have the option of attending at your convenience over a shorter or longer term time period.

Self-Defense For Girls

As a parent, you likely have been concerned about the safety of your budding teenager.

No parent wants to envision such a nightmare, but our children are not with us 24/7 and we have the responsibility to teach them to protect themselves when we are not there.

Reeve Kirby covers how to spot red flags of a potential abuser and emotional aspects of relationships that can be detrimental. She then goes into the techniques that can make the difference between being a victim and a survivor.

Included in this 2-hour program:

Awareness and prevention
The three stages of defense
  • Escape
  • Control
  • Destroy
Management of Aggressive Behavior

How to de-escalate a person verbally out of control into someone who is no longer a potential physical threat

Multiple escape techniques against a variety of holds
  • Wrist grab
  • Bear hug
  • Rear forearm choke
  • Being pulled to the ground
  • How to properly yell to demonstrate that the attacker has chosen the wrong person
Destroy Techniques against an attacker where the only option is to disable them to get away
  • Strikes that do not require extensive martial arts training to be effective
  • Kicking techniques which will prevent pursuit by an attacker
  • Active Shooter

Participants will have the opportunity to practice the above on on large heavy bags, focus pads, and kick shields.

Participants will practice under the guidance of Ms. Reeve Kirby and her Black Belt assistant to assure that the technique is completely understood and performed properly.

Safety is continually stressed and monitored.

Despite the serious nature of the program, participants will be in a relaxed and fun environment that most effectively promotes learning. No subject or question is off limits and with 30 years of teaching experience, Reeve has the depth of knowledge to address any and all concerns.

NOTE: We do not use real “bad guys” dressed up in padded black suits who will wrestle you to the ground with the expectation that you fight your way out. Those scenarios often intimidate or even frankly frighten teen girls (and sometimes women) and are not necessary for young women to learn how to effectively defend themselves. Our goal is to empower, not to terrify.

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