Self Defense for Groups

Action Self Defense Self Defense for Groups classes give you self-confidence while improving your personal safety and physical, mental & emotional capacities.

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Refuse To Be Victimized! Gain The Security & Peace Of Mind To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones… Take Action!


At Action Self Defense our mission is to make as many women, men, girls and boys as possible more aware and less likely to experience an assault. In addition, if something ugly is attempted, we want our participants to take care of the situation in short order and get away intact! Here's a list of our programs – please see Mrs. Reeve Kirby during the break or after class for more information--AND our special on the ASD INTENSIVE course. 

Dare To Stop Toxic Masculinity Before Its Too Late

Potential abusers are not easily detected in the early stages of any relationship.

Recognizing and defending against red flagged behaviors means the difference between getting out of the relationship early and something sinister happening.

Corporate Self-Defense

Includes everything in the women's self-defense class plus specific information for men. Also includes team building and camaraderie activities

Looking for a team building activity that is a little outside of the box? Then a self-defense class is just what your team needs. We’ll provide you with an important and informative yet fun activity for your staff that will leave your group feeling much more safe, confident and empowered. And they’ll have a great time while doing some serious team building as well.

The class can be held at our beautiful and spacious facility or at your location and will be taught by Diane Reeve Kirby, 8th° Black Belt (see for bio). 

Our Corporate Self-Defense Course will cover:

Awareness and prevention.

Management of aggressive behavior

Learn how to de-escalate a person who is verbally out of control. This will include a role-play exercise that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping and roaring with laughter. Plus, it provides an energizing outlet for stress relief!

Escape and destroy techniques

Simple yet highly effective techniques that let you easily slip through an attacker’s grasp, or deliver a strike or kick that disables them so they let go and want no part of you ever again!

“Dark Alley”

A self-defense game that will allow participants to show off their newly attained skills. In addition, it’s a great team building/ bonding experience.

Active Shooter

Optional board break.

A real -world empowerment tool, (especially for women) to get them in touch with their inner “Wonder Woman” or “Superman” for the guys. It’s amazing how a person crystallizes their confidence with just the crack of a real piece of wood.

Program fee is is based on the number of participants for the 2-hour program and board break. Also included for each participant is a free refresher course at any regularly scheduled self-defense class at VMAC (up to 6 months after the initial class.) The date is guaranteed upon receipt of a 50% down payment for your group. Payment of the balance is due on the day of the event.

We have provided this program for a number of high profile corporations including:

>> Main Event Corporate
>> Frito Lay
>> Toyota
>> Dallas Chamber of Congress
>> Pricewaterhouse Cooper

It’s an event your team will be talking about for a long time!

Dad and Daughter Safety

Many dads in the North Texas area worry because their daughter(s) seem to be unconcerned about safety issues.

The girls are “living in a bubble” of relative safety, but we all know the world can be a dangerous place,

particularly as a young lady begins to date or goes off to college.

Our DADS class is a way to decrease dads (and moms) worries and increase their girls (or boys) confidence and ability to stay safe by fighting back effectively.

It is a comprehensive program that covers:

>> Awareness and Prevention

>> Management of Aggressive Behavior

>> Escapes from Chokes, Holds and Grabs

>> Disabling Techniques

>> Dating Safety

>> Driving Safety

>> How to Expect Respect

>> Difference in Back Off vs. Disable Techniques

>> Use of Personal Alarms and Safety Apps

>> Guidelines for Healthy Relationships

>> Active Shooter

Appropriate for girls and boys ages 13-19, this three-hour course gives them the tools they need to feel strong, savvy and safe. And with Dads participating, they can continue to reinforce the knowledge and techniques long after the class is over – an extra measure to ingrain the information so it becomes second nature.

And Dads, if you think your daughter will give you the “oh Dad” eyeroll-she probably will. But, once she sees how this course changes her confidence, her awareness and her preparedness, she will thank you for keeping her safe. (And she will also be grateful because you selected a woman instructor.)

This course can be incorporated as part of educational requirements for Girl Scouts (Safety Badge), National Charity League (NCL on-going education), soccer/volleyball/other sports teams, church groups or just close friends.

Call today to set up your group. We offer flexible scheduling plus a wonderful bonding experience; your location or our beautiful martial arts school.

Travel Self-Defense

*Small non-refundable deposit required and will be applied to total class fee.


>> Awareness & Prevention
>> Management of Aggressive Behavior
>> Use of Environmental Weapons
Defense in:
>> Cars / Buses / Hotels / Buildings / Planes
>> Defense Against Weapons
>> Use of Protective Devices

WSD Groups/Party

Many dads in the North Texas area worry because their daughter(s) seem to be unconcerned about safety issues.

Not your mom’s tupperware party!

>> Number of hours is flexible – 1, 2, or 4 hours

>> Discounts for groups of 10 or more

>> Held in your location or at Vision Martial Arts Center

>> Improve your odds of survival

>> Boost your self confidence

>> Gives you the courage to stand up for yourself

>> Fun, Food, and a Feisty Attitude!

Call us to customize a special party for you and your friends!

What do People

Say About Action Self Defense?

Heather Liner

Took a self defense class here and it was completely eye opening. I thought I was strong and would be ok in some situations, but learned that my defense tactics would fail in action. However I am completely equipped now. I highly recommend this class for men, women, and kids. I will be back with my teens for sure. Best class ever.

Love Family

Signed up for a class for myself and my daughters. The class was both informative and empowering. Really enjoyed the instructors, they were professional and really encouraged the group of ladies in the class.

Girl Scout Leader

Our Girl Scout troop attended a self-defense personal safety class at Action Self Defense. The owner Ms. Reeve was great. She taught at the girls level and gave them plenty of opportunities to practice the skills they learned. They couldn't stop talking about it. The girls loved it!

This is a GIFT that will last a lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

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