Private Lessons

Action Self Defense Private Lessons give you self-confidence while improving your personal safety and physical, mental & emotional capacities.

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Our Basic 2-Hour Self Defense Class!
Certificates available The gift of safety and peace of mind is the BEST GIFT! Offer good thru 1/4/24

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At Action Self Defense, our classes provide you with the knowledgeable ability to prevent being targeted, or de-escalate, disable or destroy an assailant to get away safely.

However, if you want individualized, more frequent and a flexible schedule, private lessons are for you!

Get the training you want on your schedule with your choice of instructors.


Tim Kirby - 9th Degree Black Belt

• Over 45 years martial arts teaching/training

• Multiple State & National Karate Championships

• One of the most well known instructors in Texas Karate

• Real world experience

Diane R. Kirby - 9th Degree Black Belt

• One of the few female Grandmasters in Texas

• Inducted into multiple Halls of Fame

• Owned a karate school for 26+ years

What do People

Say About Action Self Defense?

Lilly K

Taught me that small and mighty can be better than big and stupid. I feel more prepared to go to college as a woman now.

Family Compass

Our staff had a blast yesterday learning some powerful self defense techniques with Diane at Action Self Defense. Given our focus on home mentoring and educating families personally in their homes we want to always promote safety for our staff and the families we serve.

Lisa Wacker Clawson

We had a private class in our home for six girls going off to college this fall. I can't recommend Diane enough. She covered some difficult and sensitive topics professionally, while not hiding the facts. Not only has she opened their eyes to living outside their suburban bubble, but she has given them the tools to potentially avoid being a target. But if they still become a target she also gave them the knowledge of how to survive. All six were much more confident and ready for College after their University Safety 101 session. And given the statistics, this class may have saved one of our six from becoming one of those statistics. Best investment in our daughters safety we will ever make.

Did You Know?

Many People Are Attending Action Self Defense in Plano, TX So They Don't Become A Statistic

Violent Crime


3.4% RISE


An estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes occurred in 2016 according to FBI Crime Statistics. We are faced with a world that needs martial arts training to give community members the confidence to defend themselves.

Adult Stress


8 in 10


At Action Self Defense we believe in helping our community members manage their stress through physical and mental martial arts training. Our instructors help each student one-on-one to achieve their personal goals.

Adult Obesity


1 in 5


Adults need our support. We work hand in hand with students to assure that they make the right choices. At Action Self Defense we will help you to raise your fitness level and self-confidence while teaching you to defend yourself.

This is a GIFT that will last a lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

Holiday Gift Special!
15% OFF!
Our Basic 2-Hour Self Defense Class!
Certificates available The gift of safety and peace of mind is the BEST GIFT! Offer good thru 1/4/24

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