Five Reasons Every High School Senior Needs A Safety Course

  1. The first reason college bound young adults should take a safety course is because there will be no parents around to help with decision making. 18-year-olds do not have a fully developed cortex – that’s the area of the brain where judgments are made. But, they’re on their own in college with no one to guide them. That’s why hearing about safety matters. Parents can talk to their kids all day long, and for most teens the least offensive thing they will do is roll their eyes. It sinks in a lot more when the info is coming from someone other than their parents. However, it should be someone with a decent amount of expertise
  2. they’ll meet people from all walks of life from all over the world. This is great for widening their social horizons, but not all cultures believe the same way about things. And colleges are prime pickings are predators are often to trusting.
  3. Frat parties. Or maybe I should just say parties in general. There’s always gonna be get-togethers where there’s college kids involved. And, no doubt, there will generally be alcohol involved. Having a safety class to remind young ladies about how to protect their drink and what to do if they feel nauseated dizzy or off-balance will be important info that will remind them to be aware and alert. This also leads to info about potential sexual assault, possible victim blaming, and a number of other related issues that parents may be uncomfortable discussing. Or that they don’t know themselves.
  4. Our classes provide suggestions for safety for car and dorm as well as apps that notify selected individuals if your teen doesn’t arrive at a specified place on time.
  5. Self defense techniques that really work to empower your high school senior and to give you peace of mind because they know how to take care of themselves in situations that might be harmful, injurious or worse.