Don’t Ignore Your Gut

We all have intuition. It’s a universal built in mechanism that has been passed down for thousands maybe millions of years to help keep us safe. If two guys were confronted by a tiger, the one with instincts ran away- to like another day and pass down that DNA trait. The one that didn’t have that instincts probably got eaten– and his DNA, without the code for a sixth sense, didn’t get passed down.

Some people refer to it as a gut feeling or a gut instinct. It’s called that because a lot of us initially experience that feeling creeped out feeling in our gut. I’ve had students describe it as butterflies in their stomach. Others feel a tightening, or it feels like the bottom just drops out. Nausea happens to a good percentage as well.

You know it’s important to trust that feeling, whatever it is. There are other physiological responses to potential danger. Women describe their hears racing, and some are also short of breath. Others get hyper vigilant, they keep looking around trying to figure out what isn’t right. And there’s even folks that have the hair on the back of their neck or on their arms stand up. Whatever tips you off don’t ignore what your body is telling you .

Its easy to do. They may feel like they’re being silly or just not being nice enough. Women are very often taught to be nice to people as little girls. But then that makes them second-guess themselves and fail to trust their instincts when they’re an adult. And only bad things can happen after that. AND if you have a daughter, please teach her that she doesn’t HAVE to be nice to anyone– except her parents!! So if it looks like a creep and walks like a creep and smells like a creep it’s probably a creep, so stay away. And if it doesn’t look or act like a creep you do not have to be nice! Trust your instincts and stay away.