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About Our Business

Action Self Defense provides efficient, effective, quality 1-8 hr self defense courses for women, people who travel, or anyone who wants to feel more self confident when threatened or actually assaulted. Programs are excellent for team-building corporate seminars. Our courses prepare women, teens, and corporate groups, and seniors to be situationally aware, less fearful and more confident. Plus, the classes taught by eighth degree Diane Reeve Kirby are fun.

Diane Reeve Kirby


Grandmaster Diane Reeve Kirby

9th degree Black Belt, Grandmaster Diane Reeve Kirby, has over 35 years of martial arts experience. Recently retired from teaching martial arts, she was the sole owner of Vision Martial Arts Center for over 27 years and holds black belts in 4 styles. She was honored as the 2015 Tae Kwon Do Female Master of the Year by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, inducted into the 2014 Masters Hall of Fame, and most recently named a winner of the 2020 BBC Inspirations Award. Diane has dedicated her martial arts career to the empowerment of our most vulnerable – women and children. This is also reflected in her volunteer work as a former member of the Board of Directors of The Turning Point (Collin County rape crisis center) and other organizations helping those in need.

In addition, with a M.Ed., Diane uses a variety of teaching techniques, tailor made for each specific audience. This allows her to ensure not only that the material understood, but that each class is fun and exciting. The goal is to achieve maximum retention for long term effectiveness.

As a female self-defense expert, she has a unique advantage of clearly demonstrating how each technique taught can be effectively performed by a smaller, less powerful defender against a larger, stronger opponent. Seeing is believing…and Diane will help every participant see and believe in their own ability to defend themselves efficiently and effectively.

Grandmaster Reeve Kirby is assisted by…

Grandmaster Tim Kirby

Grandmaster Tim Kirby is one of the most recognizable names in Texas karate history. He's the youngest ninth-degree black belt in Allen Steens world renowned brand of Texas karate, known for its excellence in the competitive ring and its effectiveness in the street-- a no nonsense approach to self-defense.

With multiple Championships, Kirby is most proud of his coaching expertise, having brought many of his students to championships as well. With over 40 years of martial arts experience, he provides a unique and incomparable depth of experience in teaching people of all ages how to protect themselves.

Why Choose Action Self Defense?


• Three independent studies concluded that women who completed a self-defense course are 60% less likely to be sexually assaulted and 33% less likely to report an attempted assault


• Many women are uncomfortable, being grabbed by a man even in a classroom setting

• A woman instructor provides less likelihood of triggering survivors of assault or abuse


• Diane Kirby is one of the most respected Self Defense expert professionals in the nation

• For over 35 years she has taught thousands of men, women and children how to defend themselves against a bigger, stronger assailant. Even police or military individuals rarely have to defend themselves in the same way that a woman does.


• You’ve heard “you get what you pay for” a lot because it’s true. Free is rarely better. ASD tuition is perfectly reasonable, especially given the value of knowing you can effectively protect yourself.


• Most people are not looking for a martial arts program requiring a long-term commitment. ASD offers a basic one-time two-hour class for beginners. Follow up classes are available at your convenience.

• And if our Sunday afternoon classes don’t work for you, get four or more of your friends together, and have a party! Your time, date, and location (or ours).

• For that extra measure of attention, ASD offers, private lessons to maximize training time and enhance technique effectiveness.Get way better, way faster!

Overall, ASD IS THE BEST self-defense program for effective, convenient, affordable, and world-class instruction by a woman instructor, who is passionate about empowerment for all her students.

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Heather Liner

Took a self defense class here and it was completely eye opening. I thought I was strong and would be ok in some situations, but learned that my defense tactics would fail in action. However I am completely equipped now. I highly recommend this class for men, women, and kids. I will be back with my teens for sure. Best class ever.

Crystal Guthrie

Self-defense class over and I learned good self-defense moves. Diane is 5 feet, she is dynamite and 8th degree black belt. Every woman needs this self-defense class and practice practice practice. I feel confident after the two hour class. I got to defend myself! All women need this class. Self Defense is worth learning. Thank you Diane Reeve for Action Self Defense.

Family Compass

Our staff had a blast yesterday learning some powerful Self-Defense techniques with Diane at Vision Martial Arts Center! Given our focus on home mentoring and educating families personally in their homes, we want to always prioritize safety for our staff and families we serve!